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Sell physical products you don't stock and earn thousands of dollars monthly 

Back in 2020 I used to be a 9-5 delivery guy earning N30,000 monthly before the Covid-19 pandemic.

I had to stay home and receive daily debit alerts from my bank without a single credit as a result of the lockdown.

The steady rise of cost of living made life so difficult for me. The house rent, food cost, fuel and other necessities went up along with the dollar rise.

"It can't be real and probably a fraud", this was my first assumption when i came across a Nigerian guy online celebrating the same dollar rise i was moaning. 

His $30K a month earning really sound unreal to me, but his calm facebook profile made me visit his page and found out he was a blogger getting paid in dollars.

This got my interest but couldn't afford his mentorship fee then as i was denied loan because i got an outstanding to clear.

I was sad but at the same time glad i discovered the opportunity in the dollar rise crisis.


Luckily, I came across a business on facebook that involves selling to USA,UK residents and other countries {DROPSHIPPING} and earn thousands of dollars and pounds.

Being a microbiologist graduate, i had no idea about selling online so i threw myself into online research.

A few days later coincidently, I was watching live streams while a news pop up about popular retail stores like amazon, walmarts and many other store in USA and UK closing down as a result of the widespread COVID 19 outbreak even though the ports were still open for importation, so i realized i come across the business at the right time.

After many ups and downs, the business has generated me over $70k/N42M so far from the comfort of my home here in Nigeria.

The good News is that the UBS expects another 80,000 U.S stores closing before 2026 which is a good sign of growing dominance of dropshipping.

Would your financial stress lessen with an additional $4K/ 3Million Naira to your current income?

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Frequently Asked Questions


ABM digital marketing is a platform of team of skilled and friendly experts who helps middle-income Nigerians build massive wealth utilizing the constant rise in dollar.


NO you don't have to pay any dime to access the guide ,it's  totally free BUT will only be applicable if you have been making money before, whether online or offline in Nigeria{Middle-income} 


YES it's accessible and available for Nigerians home and in diaspora 


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